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& Nobody Else – (Live) 2CD Set

£ 8.33

Newly packaged version 2011

Released in 1999 and now re-released in 2011 with brand new packaging and photos.

Double live album recorded on the Strange Brotherhood tour of 1998.
This album is set to become a classic of its genre. Recorded at a variety of venues, the best recordings have been spun together to form a seamless ‘concert’. Split over two CDs to take account of the two sets that were played each night and the total running time is close to two hours.
The ultimate New Model Army album as far as many people are concerned. Our live sound man, Paul “007” Harvey says that “if you close your eyes, you could be there”. He is dead right.

If you have never owned a New Model Army album and you want one that sums it all up, this is it.

Track Listing:


  1. Brave New World 2
  2. Snelsmore Wood
  3. Eleven Years
  4. Rainy Night 65
  5. Big Blue
  6. Queen Of My Heart
  7. Prison
  8. No Sense
  9. Fate
  10. The Hunt


  1. Whitelight
  2. Over The Wire
  3. Long Goodbye
  4. Aimless Desire
  5. Wonderful Way To Go
  6. Inheritance
  7. Lust For Power
  8. Headlights
  9. 51st State
  10. Get Me Out
  11. No Pain
  12. Stupid Questions
  13. Here Comes The War
  14. Living In The Rose
  15. Modern Times
  16. Vengeance

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