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History – The Singles 85-91

£ 2.92

Released 1992

A 'cashing in on the catalogue' exercise by EMI when our time with them ended.
An unremarkable collection of singles made 'desirable' by the inclusion of "Far Better Thing" and "Higher Wall" rescued from the editing suite floor and tacked on the end to make you buy all the songs you already had all over again.
Repackaged in 2001 as a "best of" complete with incorrect track listing and rubbish cover!
This is only here because you requested it!

Track Listing:

  1. No Rest
  2. Better Than Them
  3. Brave New World
  4. 51st State
  5. Poison Street
  6. White Coats
  7. Stupid Questions
  8. Vagabonds
  9. Green And Grey
  10. Get Me Out
  11. Purity
  12. Space (live)
  13. Far Better Thing
  14. Higher Wall

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