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Big Guitars In Little Europe – Justin Sullivan & Dave Blomberg

£ 8.33

Released 1995

During the gap between “The Love Of Hopeless Causes” and “Strange Brotherhood” Justin and Dave jumped into the motor and took themselves off on a tour of the clubs of Northern Europe and Scandinavia.
This collection of stripped down NMA songs (plus Neil Young’s Freeworld) was recorded on that tour. This album also features the only official release of “Turn Away”, one of Justin’s most emotive songs.

Not just for die-hards or completists, this is New Model Army’s music at its purest.

Track Listing:

  1. Modern Times
  2. Ghost Of Your Father
  3. Turn Away
  4. Changing Of The Light
  5. No Pain
  6. Bad Old World
  7. Living In The Rose
  8. Whitelight
  9. All Of This
  10. Space
  11. Inheritance
  12. Vengeance
  13. Freeworld
  14. 225

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