Freeborn John – CD


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Released 1997

A quite extraordinary undertaking – the story of John Lilburne, the leader of the Levellers movement, and his fight for liberty and freedom for everyman.
A superb album that has been sadly overlooked by the media.
It features the talents of Rev, Justin Sullivan, Robert Heaton, Maddy Prior, Harry Fulcher, Simon Friend, Rory McLeod, Phil Johnstone, Eddi Reader, The Levellers, John Kiddy, Mike Gregovich and many others.
A 28 page booklet tells the story of Lilburne’s life and full lyrics. Hell, they even commissioned a portrait for the album cover because there was not one in existence!
In 2005, at Beautiful Days Festival, Freeborn John received it’s live premier. A DVD of teh show is available elsewhere in The Shop

Track Listing:

  1. Overture
  2. Pillory Scene Rev Hammer
  3. The Whipping Song Phil Johnstone
  4. The Battle Of Brentford Justin Sullivan
  5. Elizabeth’s Great Gallop Maddy Prior & Simon Friend
  6. The Return To London Rory McLeod
  7. England’s New Chains Rev Hammer
  8. Bonny Besses Eddi Reader
  9. Burford Stomp Levellers
  10. Exile Rev Hammer
  11. The Return From Exile Rory McLeod
  12. Seventeen Years Of Sorrow Maddy Prior
  13. Lilburne’s Death Song Rev Hammer
  14. Valediction

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