Freeborn John Live – CD/DVD


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Released 2006

In August 2005, over three glorious nights on a dedicated stage at the Beautiful Days Festival, Rev Hammers masterwork was brought to life.
With New Model Army as the backing band and the original CD cast – only Eddi Reader was unavailable, ably replaced by Romney Getty, the album was played live for the first time.
A new song, Rumour & Rapture, was written by Justin, played by NMA and included in the show
Theatrics and period support (including a live Battle of Brentford) was provided by The English Civil War Society

The show was filmed and recorded. The CD and DVD of that recording are packaged together

"We finished recording the original studio album in 1996. We had used over 50 musicians and singers. we thought it unlikely that we would ever get the chance to perform the songs live….
Then in the spring of 2005, Dave Farrow, from the Beautiful Days Festival approached us with a commission to perform the whole album over all three days of the festival.

At first I was unsure it could be done. Dave insisted. I crossed my fingers, closed my eyes and….
At 8:30pm on the opening night of the festival, the musicians, the singers, the English Civil War Society and a few thousand festival goers gathered on and in the hollow of a green hill in the grounds of Escot House, Devon.
The rest, as they say is history; British History. Some of it over 360 years old.
This is a document of that event" – Rev Hammer, May 2006

Track Listing:

  1. Overture
  2. Pillory Scene/Commons of England (June 1637)
  3. The Whipping Song
  4. The Battle Of Brentford
  5. Elizabeth's Great Gallop
  6. Return To London
  7. England's New Chains
  8. Speech #1
  9. Bonny Besses
  10. Burford Stomp
  11. Speech #2
  12. Exile
  13. Return From Exile
  14. Roumour & Rapture
  15. Seventeen Years of Sorrow
  16. Lilburne's Death Song

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