Fruit Flies & Battleships


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Released 2002

Instrumental side project from NMA bassist Nelson.

Nelson and Glyph Owenson have recorded a CD of 12 magnificent rollercoasting new tunes with extraordinary rhythms and shiny seductive sounds. This is a collection aimed at the more broad minded listener.

Comparisons have been made with everyone from Led Zepplin to Captain Beefheart and Disipline era King Crimson. Aerial M and Mogwai have also been mentioned but the band themselves think they have more in common with Nordic folk music and the likes of Hedringama.

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Track Listing:

  1. Monkey Nature
  2. Million Dollar Mayhem
  3. The Toy Libbereen
  4. Spy Baby
  5. Non Staka Boo
  6. Frozen Stiff
  7. Dieter Leaning
  8. Bogsucker
  9. Cuckooland
  10. Indian Puzzle Thing
  11. Mother Slowhook
  12. Strophium

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