Joolz – Billy Morgan (Novel)


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Joolz’ third novel.
Short listed for Orange Book Prize 2005

Billie is in her forties, running a little jewellery shop in Bradford, watching over her godson Natty, trying to live a quiet life, trying to forget the past. Because Billie has a lot of past to forget. She was a biker chick, one of the Devil’s Own, real hardcore seventies Angels, speed and acid-fuelled road demons. She lived a life that was was hurtling out of control and it ended in murder. Now, years later, she has to face the consequences. Dark but never dispairing, Billy Morgan is a blistering triller that takes you to the edge.

“Reading Bilie Morgan is like being strapped to the back of a speeding biker’s rig: it’s an exhilarating, thrilling, terrifying experience. Joolz Denby has a rare ability in contemporary British crime fiction: she takes you inside the damaged hearts and heads of her characters, shows you hope and despair are often the same thing, makes your care about them. If Jim Thompson had been born female and lived in Bradford, these are the books he would be writing” – Martyn Waites

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