Spitting Feathers


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Released 2004

After we finished Freeborn John in the summer of 1996, after 3 years in the studio, we started work on the Green Fool recordings, this was purely acoustic, and took only 5 days. Having proved to ourselves that we could work quickly…..Phil Johnstone, my producer and I (the years I've waited to say that!) embarked on Spitting Feathers.

We had no record company to hurry us along, in fact no studio for 1 year whilst Phil moved, and in Devon even fast things get slow very quickly so…8years later…here it is: recorded in glorious technicolour, with 20 musicians and the odd …well I can't get into that here…Spitting Feathers has arrived…right on time!

It sounds big. However, don't get fooled by that…so does George W.Bush. Anyway, he is not on the album. Phil and me are. So is Robb Heaton, Jon Sevink, Pierre Noir …I could go on…oh ok then…Martin Le Fop Pannett, Harry S Fulcher and Rob Wheeler. Enough, enough already! We have been waiting as fast as we can. Love y'all, Revvie xxx

  1. Put It On Red
  2. Dementia Pugilistica
  3. Cold Wind
  4. Ferdinand
  5. Happy Birthday Revolution
  6. When I Come Through For You
  7. Mary Mary
  8. Little Boy Blue
  9. Sweetest Heart
  10. Wedding Ground
  11. Rosie
  12. Pour Your Whisky

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