Tales Of The Road – Justin Sullivan & Friends


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Live CD recorded on the lengthy Justin Sullivan & Friends tour in 2003, and released in 2004.

Featuring Justin, Dean White and Michael Dean.

"…And every night we took to the stage in red and gold; in clubs and concert halls, in bar rooms and great glittering old palaces. Every night we sang and played and knew how much we loved it. We heard the voices singing with us and it was a choir and a blessing…"

Track Listing:

  1. Tales of the Road
  2. Heroes
  3. Afternoon Song
  4. Ocean Rising
  5. Lurstaap
  6. Headlights
  7. Masters Of War
  8. These Words
  9. Drummy B
  10. All Of This
  11. Stranger
  12. Inheritance
  13. 225
  14. Someone Like Jesus

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