The Bishop Of Buffalo


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Released 1994

The second album and a new band pulled in from all over – joining Rev on this album were Martin Pannett, Peter Blackett, Dave Blomberg, Justin Sullivan, Tim Cumine, Brett Selby, Lloyd Gilbert, Steve Broughton, Stepan Pasicznyk, Pat Grogan and Stefan Domoney – though obviously not all at the same time. The album was produced by one Justin Sullivan

Track Listing:

  1. The Lamb
  2. Tranquility of Solitude
  3. Etain
  4. Ellen Vannin
  5. Circular Blues
  6. (Worse And Worse) Like The Son Of A Goat
  7. Every Step Of The Way
  8. Drunken Waltz
  9. Shanty
  10. The Chase

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