New Model Army 1980-2010 DVD Collection (cosmetic damage)

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We have uncovered a few last remaining copies of this great 30th Anniversary DVD set. Please note than the outer shrink-wrap packaging is a little scuffed but the contents are intact...

Three DVDs with a total of nearly nine hours of footage. Including full concerts from The Marquee (1985), WDR concerts from Philipshalle (1990), Bizarre Festival (1996) and Koln Palladium (2006). Also includes all of the band's promotional videos and a number of art videos, some of which have never been seen before. Finally, it includes as much bootleg material as we have been able to squeeze on to the DVDs from all different eras of the band's history. Thanks to the people who filmed or sent us this footage.

DVD 1 1980 – 1991
1) Live at the Marquee 1985
2) Rockplast Philipshalle 1990
3) Promotion Videos – 51st State, White Coats, Stupid Questions, Vagabonds, Green And Grey
4) Bootlegs

DVD 2 1990 – 2000
1) Rockplast Bizzaree Festival 1996
2) Promotion Videos – Get Me Out, Purity, Here Comes The War, Living In The Rose, White Light (Live), Wonderful Way To Go, Over The Wire.
3) Art Videos – Queen Of My Heart, Refugee
4) Bootlegs

DVD 3 2000 – 20120
1) Rockplast Koln Palladium 2006
2) Promotion Videos – You Weren’t There (Live)< Island, Wired, BD3, Today Is A Good Day.
3) Art Videos – Another Imperial Day, Ocean Rising
4) Bootlegs

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