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Joolz & Mik Davis - The Black Dahlia (flac, mp3, wav)


Joolz & Mik Davis – The Black Dahlia – Singles/Album Download
Format: MP3, wav, flac. Full Album includes playlist and cover art. Singles come with cover art only.
Released: 2012 – Attack Attack
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‘The Black Dahlia’ is a superb collaboration between legendary poet and spoken word artist Joolz and upcoming young composer and songwriter Mik Davis. The concept behind this cutting edge album is to take brilliant vocal performances of poetry and weave an atmospheric. abstract and often dark musical background around them, then present the CD in an exceptional limited edition collector’s package that also contains a set of cards featuring Joolz’ art and poetry. Seen as a whole this album is a little Cabinet Of Curiosities with subjects ranging from the strange and spiritual through drugs, gangs, the role of women and the mystic nature of the tattoo. This is without a doubt a one-of-a-kind project that will expand minds and haunt listeners for many years to come.

Track Listing:
1. Space
2. Music I Could See
3. Desert
4. Geisha
5. Johnny
6. Barbarians Of The North
7. Mother Of Sorrows
8. The Black Dahlia
9. Angel
10. Tattoo
11. Gang Girl
12. Voodoo Voodoo

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