BD3 EP USA (mp3, flac, wav)


An EP version of the two BD3 singles originally release in the USA in 2006 on Devil Doll Records (catalogue number: DDR-39) with extra tracks.

BD3 EP Digital Download Track Listing:
01) BD3 (remixed by Chris Kimsey)
02) Rumour & Rapture (studio recording written for Freeborn John Live show)
03) To Fall In Love With (remix of Bluebeat by The Future Sound of Pudsey)
04) One Bullet (studio version)
05) Caslen (With added vocals)
06) Over The Wire (live – Taken From Taubertal Festival 2006)
07) Another Imperial Day (live – Taken From Taubertal Festival 2006)
08) Here Comes The War (live – Taken From Taubertal Festival 2006)

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