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Between Dog & Wolf Book CD

£ 10.00

Between Dog & Wolf Book Cd

New Model Army celebrate 30 years of releasing music this year with what the critics are calling their best ever album 'Between Dog and Wolf'.

Mixed by Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Tool, Bad Religion) in L.A.. The album sounds distinctly different to any previous NMA album, with comparisons to Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Peter Gabriel and Pink Floyd.
*Released 23/09/2013*

01. Horsemen
02. March In September
03. Seven Times
04. Did You Make It Safe?
05. I Need More Time
06. Pull The Sun
07. Lean Back and Fall
08. Knievel
09. Stormclouds
10. Between Dog and Wolf
11. Qasr El Nil Bridge
12. Tomorrow Came
13. Summer Moors
14. Ghosts


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