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Lost Songs – 2CD set

£ 8.33

Released in 2002

A 22 track double CD of bonus and rare tracks plus nine previously unreleased songs. Effectively this is 'B Sides & Abandoned Tracks Part II' and fills most of the gaps from The Love Of Hopeless Causes onwards. It also brings together a lot of the work that Justin and Robert did together for 'Strange Brotherhood' but never finished. Split over the two CDs so that that one has the 'old' songs and the other the 'new', this compilation has been carefully put together by Justin and Michael Dean. Great sleeve art from Joolz too!

Track Listing:


  1. Brother
  2. Sunset
  3. Southwest
  4. Song To The Men Of England
  5. Refugee
  6. Higher Wall
  7. Far Better Thing
  8. Rainy Night 65
  9. Caslen
  10. BD7
  11. F (#) NY
  12. See You In Hell


  1. Freedom '91
  2. Wanting
  3. Still Here
  4. If You Can't Save Me
  5. Falling
  6. Trees In Winter
  7. Knife
  8. Burning Season
  9. Coming Up
  10. Over The Wire (French Remix)

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