Vengeance – The Whole Story Vinyl (Limited Edition)

£ 21.00

This special package comprises of a remastered vinyl version of the original classic 8 song Vengeance mini-album that launched the band's career in 1984.

PLUS there are two CDs making up a comprehensive package of the band's early years including singles and EPs

PLUS classic BBC Radio sessions

PLUS nine unheard songs that were demoed in 1981/2 on cassette four-track machines but never released

PLUS our favourite of the 1994 Vengeance remixes

to make up a 37 song package with new sleeve-notes and previously unseen Joolz artwork from the Vengeance era.

Track Listing:

Vinyl Album

Side One

  1. Christian Militia
  2. Notice Me
  3. Smalltown England
  4. A Liberal Education

Side Two

  1. Vengeance
  2. Sex
  3. Running In The Rain
  4. Spirit Of The Falklands


  1. Christian Militia (Vengeance Album)
  2. Notice Me (Vengeance Album)
  3. Smalltown England (Vengeance Album)
  4. A Liberal Education (Vengeance Album)
  5. Vengeance (Vengeance Album)
  6. Sex (Vengeance Album)
  7. Running In The Rain (Vengeance Album)
  8. Spirit Of The Falklands (Vengeance Album)
  9. Bittersweet (Vengeance Album)
  10. Betcha (Single/EP Release)
  11. Tension (Single/EP Release)
  12. Great Expectations (Single/EP Release)
  13. Waiting (Single/EP Release)
  14. The Price (Single/EP Release)
  15. Nineteen Eighty-Four (Single/EP Release)
  16. No Mans Land (Single/EP Release)
  17. Vengeance (Right To Silence) – 1994 Dub remix by Zion Train


  1. History (Unreleased Demo)
  2. I Believe (Unreleased Demo)
  3. Living A Lie (Unreleased Demo)
  4. New Model Army (Unreleased Demo)
  5. The Dam (Unreleased Demo)
  6. The Cause (Unreleased Demo)
  7. Paralysed (Unreleased Demo)
  8. Fashion (Unreleased Demo)
  9. New Frontier (Unreleased Demo)
  10. Great Expectations (BBC Sessions)
  11. I Wish (BBC Sessions)
  12. Notice Me (BBC Sessions)
  13. Liberal Education (BBC Sessions)
  14. Small Town England (BBC Sessions)
  15. Spirit Of The Falklands (BBC Sessions)
  16. Christian Militia (BBC Sessions)
  17. Running In The Rain (BBC Sessions)
  18. Drag It Down (BBC Sessions)
  19. Frightened (BBC Sessions)
  20. The Attack (BBC Sessions)

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