Joolz Denby – Stone Baby (Novel)

£ 5.99

Joolz’ debut novel and the winner of the Crime Writers’ Association New Writers Award – 2000.

Meet Lenny Bruce in a dress (aka Jamie Gee), an inspirational stand-up comic with enough cutting edge to rival Boadicea. The punters love her – they think she’s tough and in control, but they don’t know the real Jamie. Inside she’s lost, vulnerable and desperate for love – something Lily Carlson finds out when she becomes her best friend and then her manager. And sassy, smart-talking, ambitious Lily soon realizes that looking after Jamie means more than just booking gigs – it’s a lifetime’s commitment.

Lily is up for it though, even when she can no longer ignore the fact that Jamie’s fatal flaw is men. The victim of a brutal past, she has an unerring ability to pick Mr Wrong, and, as Jamie lurches from one bastard to the next, Lily and beautiful Asian transvestite Mojo do the damage limitation thing, making a sanctuary of their rundown old house. But they’d all reckoned without Sean Powers, a vicious psychopath with the face and body of a god, who threatens the ménage à trois that sustains them. It’s easy to see what makes Jamie fall so hard for Sean, but what’s in it for him? And what does he really want from her …?


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