Joolz Denby – Spirit Stories CD

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Joolz Denby is a poet, novelist, artist, tattooist, photographer, curator and the creative force behind many hundreds of artistic projects for the last twenty-nine years.

Joolz has published five collections of poetry and four novels. The first recordings of her work set to music were made by Jah Wobble in the early 1980s but it was inevitable that she should also choose to work with NMA’s Justin Sullivan. Spirit Stories is their third album together.

In 1986, they released Hex. Which featured musical performances from Robert Heaton, Mark Feltham & Harry Beckett and was mixed by producer Glyn Johns (The Ghost Of Cain). Then in 1991, Weird Sister was recorded which included performances from NMA bassist, Nelson and violinist/cellist Ed Alleyne Johnson. This album has been re-mixed and re-mastered and will be re-released soon.

Seventeen years later comes Spirit Stories. Joolz poetry weaves stories of the strange, fascinating and often dark places of the human soul while the music creates a perfect, emotionally deep accompaniment, with contributions from NMA drummer Michael Dean, singer Jade McMahon and string arrangements by film-music producer Ty Unwin. It is an album that works on many different levels and like all Joolz work, manages to combine beauty, tragedy, humour and a completely down-to-earth attitude with the truly and genuinely spiritual.


  1. Wolf Girls Of Midnapur
  2. The Archangel, Michael
  3. Boy, You Need The Road
  4. Born Dead
  5. Under The Bridge
  6. The Spirithouse
  7. The Prophet Of Calgary
  8. Two-Lane’s Orison
  9. Saddleworth
  10. Andalusia
  11. Redemption

When purchased through The Shop, the CD comes complete with a 28 page booklet of the poems. The booklet is in the gatefold sleeve.

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